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Elite Neon Cup 2018: Belgrade Edition Target

Elite Neon Cup is an international youth football tournament that has been hosted in Greece by YellowFields with great success since 2014.

YellowFields’ aim is to constantly evolve and expand and part of this plan is to host Elite Neon Cup outside of Greece. For the 2nd consecutive year, Belgrade will host Elite Neon Cup between 7 -10 of June 2017. The participation of the teams will be made under special invitations from the tournament hosts. Only Elite teams will participate in the tournament. The goal of Elite Neon Cup 2018: Belgrade Edition is the development of high standard Sport activities and at the same time promoting Serbian hospitality and Culture. The tournament will host U-14 teams, with athletes born in 2004 respectively.

About Us


Yellowfields” was found in 2014 and is based on Athens, Greece. We are a team of professionals, with great experience in the Sport market and i organizing and hosting Athletic events. Our team is characterized by the passion that we have about sports and through that, we are constantly trying to create the best possible athletic experiences for young athletes.


YellowFields” is specialized in the design, creation and implementation of high standard athletic events in various sports. Through these Sports events, our goal is to promte Greek Hospitality and culture. Greece is well know for its beautiful lanscapes and is perfect Mediterranean climate, and it can be easily the perfect place for relaxing and enjoying, what is called Sport tourism.


Nikos Lemonis

CEO & Co-Founder of Yellofields / Elite Neon Cup 2018 in Belgrade General Manager

– Graduated from the Gymnastics Academy.

– Holder of UEFA C, UEFA B Diplomas.

– General Manager of Elite Neon Cup 2018 in Belgrade.

– Years of experience in Football Coaching.


Thanasis Lemonis

CFO & Co-Founder of Yellowfields / Elite Neon Cup 2018 in Belgrade Event Manager

– Former Football player.

– Event manager of Elite Neon Cup 2018 in Belgrade.




Ivan Ivovic

Project Manager

– Graduated in Sports Academy in Belgrade.

– Holder of UEFA A diploma.

– Years of experience in Foodball Coaching.




Vivi Tsipoura

Health & Rehabilitation Manager

– Bachelor in Physiotherapy.

– Holds a diploma in Acupuncture.

– Specialized in Athletics Injuries.