1. Accommodation – 2 to 6 September 2020

Our event offers this option for accommodation: The Ranch – Sofiko, Corinth
1.1. 6 days / 5 nights – from Wednesday 2 September 2020 to Monday 7 September 2020.
1.2. Arrival with dinner, departure with lunch. Arrival with dinner, departure with lunch. Please note that if arrival is accompanied by lunch, departure will be accompanied by breakfast. An extra charge will be charged if you wish an extra meal.
1.3. The price range per person in the Ranch is based on 6-10 people.
1.4. The Elite Neon Cup is what decides how many people will stay per room.
1.5. Elite Neon Cup manages the entire distribution of the rooms by the teams and any change from the normal room distribution must be approved by us.
1.6. No payment will be refunded if the team cancels a person after August 6th. (this policy does not apply if the player sends a medical certificate, see cancellation policy).
1.7. Because of the limited number of rooms, your team may need to be divided into different rooms. The Elite Neon Cup has no decision-making on issues that are the sole responsibility of the Ranch.
1.8. Full board (breakfast, lunch and dinner) within the Ranch.
1.9. Check-in takes place after 14:00. If teams wish to check-in before 14:00, they have to pay an extra night. Please note that most rooms will only be available between 14:00 and 15:00, so it is not generally possible to check in as soon as you arrive at your destination
1.10. Rooms must be free before 12:00 noon on the day of departure. If teams do not release their rooms before 12:00, they will have to pay an extra night.
1.11. The above option only applies to bookings through the Elite Neon Cup. Ask us about availability and costs.
1.12. We provide an option of hosting and parents/relatives. Accommodation options are subject to the above terms.

2. Guarantee deposit

Both accommodation options require a guarantee (€ 250 per group) to be paid on arrival in order to check-in. This amount may change from one hotel to another. The guarantee will only be activated in case of any damage from your team to any of the property’s premises. After check out, your deposit will be refunded. The Elite Neon Cup is not responsible for any damage to the hotel. Without the guarantee deposit, check-in will not be allowed.

3. Not included costs

3.1. Personal costs.
3.2. Players’ insurance for the tournament.
3.3. Extra transfer services (Transfers From &To the airport and From & To the venue are included).

4. Extra Nights

If you wish to stay in the hotel for more days, please let us know in advance.

5. List of rooms

5.1. To avoid delays in check-in, teams must send the final room list before August 8th. This information is mandatory and necessary to ensure the quality of the tournament. If the team sends later, the team will be penalized (€ 10 per person).
5.2. If the team does not send the room list before August 8th, Elite Neon Cup will not assume any responsibility for any changes in the room distribution made at the hotel reception upon arrival.
5.3. If the team cancels or changes any player, staff or family member from the original list, this change must be approved by the Elite Neon Cup organizing committee and may incur additional taxes.
5.4. Any room modification 15 days in advance will not be permitted by the hotel or may incur additional costs.

6. Confirmation of participation

The first payment of 30% of the total amount should be made as soon as possible, to secure your placement on the Elite Neon Cup.
Note: the amount of the first payment will be deducted from the total. The first payment is not refunded.

7. Accommodation for parents/relatives

7.1. For parents and friends, hotel accommodation can be organized through the Elite Neon Cup at special rates.
7.2. Transfer to and from the airport is not included in the accommodation package. The package will include a certain number of nights.

8. Meals

8.1. Please note that all hotels are fully informed about the group diet. In case you have an early game, please inform the reception to schedule breakfast earlier. The Elite Neon Cup in conjunction with hotels is responsible for adjusting meals beyond the normal schedule of stay.
8.2. If you maybe miss a meal/dinner due to a delay, please inform the hotel or our staff to avoid any problems.
8.3. As organizers, we will make sure that any problem is solved at his creation if we are informed on time.

9. Airport transfers

9.1. Transportation from the airport to your accommodation place is included in the package. Tournament teams must inform the Elite Neon Cup for the flight schedule before July 15th. If you inform us after this date, the tournament will not secure this service.
9.2. Transfer from the airport is exclusively for Elite Neon Cup teams.
9.3. Upon your arrival, you have to wait for an Elite Neon Cup representative as he may serve another team arrival.
9.4. Meeting point 1: Terminal 1. At Exit #4 of the airport, stop at “Terkenlis” store, where the representative will be waiting for you to take you to the buses.

10. Transfers

In all participating teams, the transfers from the hotel to the venue and backwards are included in the package. The transfer will take place according to the program that you have been informed about. For any problem, please contact our dedicated representative, who is available to you. Transfers for additional leisure services have extra costs. We will be available at the tournament’s desk to organize any wish you may have.

11. Behavioral Standards

11.1. The team managers, as listed in the list of participants, are responsible for the behavior of their players in the event of any damage to sports facilities, hotels premises, transports or other facilities.
11.2. In case of damage, the team manager should contact the staff of the organizing committee immediately.
11.3. In case of doubt in the interpretation of the tournament regulations, the team manager should contact the organizing committee immediately.
11.4. Room quietness must be respected between 22:00 and 08:00.
11.5. Meal schedules must be respected. Teams can lose a meal if they do not keep up with meal times. In case of a match delay or a delay in transfer, the team manager must inform the organizing committee of this situation to resolve the issue.

12. Documents

12.1. The Team Manager must have all the personal and team documents. If you are traveling from another country to Greece, you will need the Minor Authorization Document, Passports, Visas, Vaccines. The Tournament does not bear any responsibility for refusing permission to enter a foreign country. In such cases, the terms for cancelling the trip apply and the customer is still responsible at all costs involved in such a situation. The tournament organization can not under any circumstances be directly or indirectly responsible for the team’s non-compliance.
Valid documents are:
For Greek teams, we accept a police ID, passport and birth certificate with a photo certified by a public authority. The player/athlete card is not considered as a valid document.
For foreign teams, the Elite Neon Cup accepts the ID or passport as a valid player/athlete ID.

13. Accreditation

13.1. The person in charge of the mission must carry all documents for accreditation (a valid passport or identity document by the players).
13.2. Players do not need to be present for age control.
13.3. Team Leaders must be present at the tournament office and present the identity of the players who are registered in the group list.
13.4. If team leaders do not go to the accreditation/tournament team check-in, their teams cannot participate in the first match.
13.5. All teams must have valid documents from the players for the matches.
13.6. Random check for age control can be done at any time from the organizational committee.
13.7. Age control will be through the players’ list previously sent to our company along with a valid ID document.

14. Cancellation Order

14.1. If a participant cancels before July 10th, 100% (minus the prepayment) will be refunded for accommodation, transportation or other services. Group fees are not refunded for local groups.
14.2. If a participant cancels between July 11th and July 20th, 50% of the cost of accommodation, transport or other services will be charged. Personal expenses are not refunded.
14.3. If a participant cancels after July 21st, no refunds will be given.
14.4. In case of cancellation of a Participant due to delays in transportation, strikes or force majeure, the Company will not reimburse the costs.
14.5. If a team does not appear in the match, the company is not responsible and will not return any costs.

15. Cancellation of the Tournament and Force Majeure

15.1. In case that the tournament cannot be held or postponed due to events beyond the control of tournament organizers (force majeure) or due to events not due to unlawful intent or gross negligence or tournament organizers, the tournament organizers cannot be considered responsible by the participants for any damages, expenses or losses, such as transportation costs, accommodation costs, costs for additional services.
15.2. Economic losses, etc.:
15.2.1. Under these circumstances, tournament organizers reserve the right either to retain the full amount of the entry/stay and to use it for future tournaments or to return to the dealer after deducting the costs already incurred for the tournament, which could not be recovered from third parties.
15.2.2. The company bears no responsibility for any injuries or financial losses that may arise in the event of war, civil war, revolution or political disturbances or acts of the authorities, strikes, exclusions, exclusions or similar events.

16. Use of Intellectual Property

The company may use the logo, trademark or other intellectual property of the other party in any way for commercial use, both in the verbal and in the illustrative part.

17. Information about Data Privacy

Having expressed your interest in accepting an initial payment by lowering your Elite Neon Cup status as authorized to manage the personal details of your players / athletes and in the framework of our cooperation – they should be sent to us – to be organized as The necessary procedures for the conduct of your tournament let us know that:
Yellowfields and the Elite Neon Cup will keep your records in their records for a period of twelve (12) months to run the tournament. After the twelve (12) months, your details will be deleted from our Company records. If you wish to continue our cooperation with us, we would ask you to resend your details.
You can request to delete your information from our records at any time by sending an email to the email address info@yellowfields.gr.
For more information about data privacy and your rights within the existing legal framework, please visit our Privacy Policy.